The Fund is Always Looking for Ways to Be Involved and Make a Difference in the World.

Our current projects include the following:

1. Supporting Jay Petervary's 2011 No-Idle Tour; Please check-out the page labeled "No-Idle Tour" for details.

2. Continuing to increase community awareness of environmental issues by distributing educational literature and bumper stickers. Attending events where we can provide informational brochures and discuss individual activities that can make a difference.

3. Continuing to An Idle-free resolution was passed in the Town of Jackson and we are now working with the Town, Pathways, and Teton-Greater Yellowstone Coalition to provide signage and an educational program.

4. A "No-idling" ordinance was recently enacted by Ketchum, Idaho, and Willie's efforts were noted in their Town Council meeting.

5. We continue to work with businesses to create and place "No-idling" signs in their parking areas; We have placed No-idling signs in Jackson Hole, WY, Sun Valley, ID, Steamboat Springs, CO, Fort Kent, ME, Fort Fairfield, ME, Denver, CO, and Pavones, Costa Rica. There will soon be signs in Victor, ID.

6. The first "Willie Neal / Wyoming High School Nordic Skier of the Year" was awarded in February (see the page titled "Willie Neal Skier of the Year" for more information).

7. Daniel Sundali, of Sun Valley, initiated the Willie Neal Run for the Environment in 2009 and this event was continued in 2010 by Brandon Wade. It has shown increasing participation and we plan to hold this as an annual Sun Valley event.

8. We are embarking on a program to promote bicycle commuting.

9. We continue to promote the Willie Neal Environmental Awareness Fund through events, sales of promotional products, and fund raising projects.

10. We are always trying to Identify areas where Willie's passion can provide the most sustaining inspiration and encouragement to others to make responsible choices, become involved, and to lead thoughtful, intentional lives.