3 Races     3 Bikes     7000 miles

   The 2011 represents a challenging and an exciting undertaking for Jay Petervary, one of the country's great ultra-endurance athletes. He is competing in the three most grueling endurance bicycle races in the United States...all in the same year! He has already completed the first race; biking Anchorage to Nome, Alaska, along the Iditarod trail. He finished in just 15 days, crushing the previously held record. He is now training for the June 2011 Ride Across America. Take a look at his web-site for more information about this endeavor and to keep abreast of his progress.

Here is a Jackson Hole News & Guide story on the No Idle Tour;    http://www.jhnewsandguide.com/article.php?art_id=7191