Think.               Be aware of your choices.               Be a Living Example.  

Simple Ways To Live More Responsibly

Use Your Computer
- download music, books, magazines, newspapers, catalogs, etc. rather than buying the paper/plastic product
- use on-line banking and avoid printing, writing, and mailing paper checks
- request electronic statements from your bank, credit card company, cable company, power company, etc.

Replace standard light bulbs with compact fluorescent ones;
- if every US household replaced one bulb, it would be the equivalent of removing one million cars from the road.

Avoid Plastic;
- plastic bottles stay in the ocean for 450 years
- drink tap water. Bottled water is not necessarily cleaner or safer and is very energy intensive
- use cloth shopping bags or just use your arms

Pay for Alternative energy when available

Buy Less. Buy Quality;
- before purchase, look at the item and wonder what will happen to the packaging, how long will the product last and what will happen to the item when it breaks

Recycle Your Trash;
- a ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees
- a recycled aluminum container uses 95% less energy than making a new one

Don't Idle Your Car. Turn Off the Engine;
- after 10 seconds, it is more efficient to restart your engine than leaving it running
- current engine (including diesel) do NOT need to warm-up or cool down

Give living plants rather than cut flowers

Evaluate Hot Water Use in your home;
- place a timer on your water heater to limit the amount of time the hot water continuously circulates
- consider heating your water with solar; efficient and cost-effective
- add insulation to the outside of your water tank

Ride Your Bicycle;
- 750 miles of biking eliminates 500lbs of personal carbon output

Plant Trees;
- 21 trees absorbs 500lbs of carbon annually

Support Environmentally Responsible Companies.

Evaluate the heating/cooling of your home;
- set your thermostat a little cooler in the winter, a little warmer in the summer
- place a door block or rolled up towel at the bottom of a door to decrease drafts in the winter
- use double-paned windows
- add insulation
- request an energy audit from your local utility company

Be the Change You Wish to See in the World