Recycling is GREAT, but it is still better to use less.


1)   Generally, anything made of paper can be recycled.

2)   Those items that specifically CANNOT be recycled include...
      - Freezer boxes, butter boxes, ice cream containers, take-out containers (These are impregnated or lined with
        a plastic moisture barrier)
      - Paper bags lined with plastic that contain pet food, cat litter, coffee and other products.
      - Waxed paper (wax makes paper un-recyclable)
      - Photographs (chemical coatings on photos are not recyclable)
      - Tissues, napkins or paper towels (residues on these contaminate recycling processes)
      - Food contaminated paper or cardboard (food particles and greases/oils leave residues that are
        contaminants and aren't recyclable)
      - Paper cups (they are lined with plastic which makes them un-recyclable & un-compostable, too)
      - Cereal and cracker box liners (these are plastic or waxed paper)
      - Plastic envelopes (Tyvek®, etc.) and plastic-lined mailers Mailers that are a combination of paper and plastic
        (such as paper lined with bubble wrap).
      - Hard cover or paperback books (the binding glue is a contaminant and makes books difficult to recycle)


1)   Plastic bottles, jugs and jars-any container with a threaded neck (for a screw-on lid) or neck narrower than the
     base. This includes milk jugs, peanut butter jars, bottles from grooming and cleaning products, not just food
     (shampoo, cleansers, laundry soap, etc.).

2)   Plastic tubs: 6 ounces or larger, marked with either a 2 or 5, are usually round with a wider rim than base and
     contain products such as salsa, margarine, cottage cheese, hummus, etc.

3)   Planting/nursery pots, larger than four inches in diameter and made of rigid (rather than crinkly or flexible)

A note about plastic drink bottles...they do not naturally degrade for at least 450 years!!!