Idle Reduction in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Tuesday, September 7, 2010: The Town of Jackson votes unanimously in favor of an Idle-Free Resolution.

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For articles leading up to this vote, please here are some articles in the Jackson Hole News & Guide
11/1/2010; The Town Council discusses the marketing campaign;
9/13/10; The Town of Jackson votes against an Idle-free ordinance but approves an educational campaign:  
7/12/10; The debate continues:            
3/17/10; The Town of Jackson agrees to write an ordinance: 

Idle-Free Ordinance in Ketchum, Idaho

October 5, 2009; The Ketchum Town Council passed the third, and final, reading of a new No-Idling ordinance. There will be a one year educational period, after which the first offense will receive a $100 fine. The second offense will receive a $300 fine.

For the newspaper article describing it, follow this link;